Years ago when Alex and I fell in love I could not believe I would run ever in my life. Alex was the runner ...and I was on my bike.
 Five years before we met I had a big injury in my left ankle. Four metal screws were install. I could not walk for 9 month, the barely stand on it with a cane for an other 6 month. I did physiotherapy wit a professional the best I could do was biking.
Slowly slowly I got of my bike...100 meters...then 200 meters... within two month I was doing 2 to 3 miles! Since then My runner is amazing, but not only that now I don,t have that tenseness in my ankle anymore! Alex tips, patience really made me a healthier person.
I loss weight, I have healthier legs and without saying the self confidence I gain in the process! Oh! and we got married last year. You know the saying: family that run together, life happy for ever!
MeliAnna Anastasiadis
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Hi, my name is Rey I start running in 2008. I kept seeing Alex passing by my store after his run and coming inside to get water...after a while we became good friend.

One day Alex told me: "Come, I will take you running" I was 190 pounds at that time...and really did not think I could be a runner. Alex told me Again: " One step at a time and you will see you will even run marathon"

I just went with him...but guess what now. I am 140 pounds, my first marathon I made it in 2 hour 49 min., now fallowing all is advise I am at 1 hour 19 minutes.

the best part is that it really change my life. I feel more free, more confident and much more healthy!

Alex is truly an inspiration for me. I recommend is knowledge to everyone, all my friends constantly.

Thanks Alex.

Reynaldo Martinez (MGR)

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