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Running is a basic and simple sport. You can do it all-year round, inside or outside; alone or with others.  When it comes to running, the common saying, “what you put in is what you get” is true. Running only asks that you stay committed to yourself meaning you adjust it to your needs instead of the other way around. You can do it before or after work and while traveling on vacation or a business trip  All you need is a pair of shoes, running clothes, and the want to be healthy and stay in shape.


Did you know that a high percentage of leg stiffness and knee discomfort is a result of inadequate shoes?

Don’t fall victim to this! Shoes are extremely important through all your running years, but especially in the beginning. It is imperative that you pay attention to the state of your shoes and buy new ones when necessary. It is customary to buy new shoes every 300 miles, but pay attention to not just your mileage, but the way your feet, legs and body feel as your shoes wear down.

Shoes are an investment you will never regret because they will help keep you healthy. When you choose your shoes, ask for assistance from a staff person at the store you purchase your gear.  They will help you choose a show that it is right for your specific needs. A lot of stores watch you run in several pairs of shoes and the sales person will make recommendations based on your feelings in the shoes and from what they saw as you ran.  Do not be afraid to ask questions and learn why a specific shoe is the right one for you. Shoe choices should be dependant on your feet (high arch(es), width, length,  etc) and not the style, color of look of the shoe.


Running clothes should always be comfortable, and you should never compromised for the sake of appearance.  You should feel good about your self and body, but wearing clothing that makes you uncomfortable will result in a negative impact on your run. Remember, running is not about how you look, it is about how you feel.

Additionally, pay special attention to your waist area, as tight fitting clothing will restrict your breathing and loose clothing can bother your overall running form.  Also pay attention to your body temperature. When you run, your body temperature can reach10 degrees higher than normal, making it more important that you dress accordingly. Feeling too cold or warmer than you want to be is an unnecessary distraction.  


Many people love to run with their music. It is perfectly ok if you are one of them! What ever your reasons just make sure to listen to music that inspires and makes you want to run.

Music that you love can help take your mind off the running effort and help you meditate. Sometimes fast rhythmic music can help you get going a little bit more. These are both important things as running should be fun if you hope to become a runner and maintain the sport!

My only word of caution regarding music is that you should be careful not to become dependent on your music. It is good to take a break from your ipod so that you can run and observe yourself without added noise.

Running is a very intense sport that requires actively paying attention to your body’s needs. If you listen carefully and often to your natural rhythm and breathing, your body will tell you what you need to do and change as you continue your running.

One more thing to keep in mind is that many races now, don’t allow runners to carry music devices on them. It is important to be able to hear those running around you, especially at events and races that attract a lot of runners.

Whether you run with or without music, before you know it, you will sign up for your first 5 mile race and it will be such a thrill!


Did you know that the average person is using almost only one sixth of their lung capacity?

Many don't know how to breath, not only when we exercise, but, unfortunately, in our every day activities. Running can help increase your lung capacity not only while you are running, but when you are moving through your day.

It is important that you pay attention to your breathing while you run and be sure to practice breathing techniques that will help keep you feeling rested during the different types of running.


Most of us we don't drink enough water. We accept that this is normal, as with many other habits because we drink beverages that offer no nutritional value and do what everyone around us is doing. This is not right and it is not healthy. If you are a runner, it is imperative that you adequately hydrate yourself through out the day, every day. 

A minumum of two big glasses of water should be your standard amount. By “big”, I mean at least two 32oz containers of water. Be careful not to over hydrate. This is also a concern and can have just as negative an effect on your runs as not drinking enough. Drinking a large amount of water daily will make you feel lighter on your run the next day. Yes, I said lighter!


Food, like water is essential for runners. However, you should be more aware and concerned about the quality of your food and not so much the quantity. Eating a healthy diet will have a positive impact not just on your runs, but in your life. Your being and your health depends on this.  Once you make the choice to eat healthy, you will notice the changes  It can be a tough commitment to follow, but it is one you really deserve.

The best way to ease into healthy eating is to stay away from all processed and heavily chemical food. By removing these unhealthy foods from your diet, you are allowing your body to be at it’s best. Every choice you make counts! 

When selecting food, keep in mind that heavy food will make you feel heavy while you run. The same is true for lighter, healthier food. Feeling lighter during a run will make you run more and running more will make you want to continue eating healthier.  It is a cycle that you really want to jump on. Get started!


Spirulina is an amazing product! My wife and I have been using it daily for quite some time now.  it’s benefits are remarkable.  Spirulina is a algea full of proteins and minerals that supports cardiovascular, eye and brain health, boosts immunity and boosts energy levels. it is a completely natural food source with over 100 nutrients! This product is so complete that your body will feel satisfed and you will be amazed at your increased energy level. You can add it in your salad dressing to avoid the not so great taste. But don’t let the taste stop you!
Spirulina, 16oz, Healthforce, Manna (Original Species)

Super healthy salad dressing (...and simple)
Mix all ingredients to your tast.
A few limons
salt and peper
olive oil
one spirulina spoon

Enjoy your running week!
Alex and MeliAnna Anastasiadis

Next week article will be dedication on how to breath while running.

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