Father's day gift for runner

          This perfect medals display and race bibs display set is design for running father to show off their achievement and... well the fashion home decor design just simply will please any women in the house. A perfect way to give and receive a father's day gift. Our special father's day gift for runner comes in more then 100 design made in 10 unique colors. enjoy & Happy running father's day.

Running on the also offer a running father's day gift design for truly avid runner father...check this one out!

You can also just get  the race bib hanger for your runner if you think that would make a better father's day gift for this year...


DON'T MISS OUT THIS YEAR! Be the one given the hot father's day gift to you runner. They are practical, pretty and just so brilliant! They really just make the perfect Father day gift for a runner.

PS.: I of course got one of these myself... Well I am a running father!

You can find all of this gifts for runner right here:

We also have weekly raffle on their face book page: runningonthewall
We have a raffle going for father's day.

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  1. Looks like Maybe we'll do it some day! We've been talking and talking and talking...just maybe! Your rig looks staying in a hotel! I was in Oregon last week, but not in fifth-wheel :-(
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  3. I just have to say thank you to you both. You were the first fashion blog I started reading a few years ago, and you are still the first one I check for updates and inspirations. You will be sorely missed, but I wish you both the best of luck!
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  4. Best gift for running i got was my golf ball muscle massager, love that thing before and after i run!!! what do you think?



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