Running medals display

Running Medal Displays

Some people say, “If you have got it, flaunt it,” and running medal displays can help runners of all levels of talent show off the hard-earned fruits of their labor. Winning a medal at a running event is an important achievement, and letting those medals tarnish in the bottom of a box in the closet is no way to show pride in the thrill of victory. There are several reasons to buy a medal display or a race bibs display, all of which center around the pride of achievement and motivation for future endeavors.


Winning races takes much hard work and discipline, so why should a racer hide away those medals as if he or she was ashamed of showing off the achievement of winning races? Friends and family are hopefully proud of their racers, too, and will enjoy being able to regularly see the fruits of their loved ones’—and maybe, to an extent, their own—labor. Displaying those medals and race bibs is a great way to celebrate the thrill and pride that the accomplishment of winning brings.


A running medal display can help motivate a runner whether it is empty, full, or somewhere in between. A relatively empty medal display can motivate a runner to work harder to fill it up, while a relatively full medal display can remind a runner of the goals he or she has yet to accomplish. Running medal displays can spur runners to train faster and harder so that they may win medals to fill up those displays with the physical evidence of all their hard work. Other runners who see the medal displays of competitors or fellow runners will also be inspired to work harder to achieve their own dreams and pull even with the runners with large medal displays.

Maybe a runner has moved on to other things but still wants to remember the joy and pride of winning medals. Running medal displays will help retired runners relive their glory days and to remember the great times that they had running for and winning medals. Just because the medals were won long ago does not mean that they should be hidden away where no one can see them. The next generation of young runners will also be inspired by seeing collections of medals from days gone by, turning that nostalgia into present-day glory.

Aesthetic Appeal

Meaningful motives for displaying medals and race bibs are fine, but the bottom line is that racing awards look really cool. They are shiny and often have colorful ribbons that look great when hanging from running medal displays; the same aesthetic appeal is true of racing bibs. A good medal display will draw the eye as soon as someone walks in the room and may be the centerpiece of any given room in which it is displayed. sells a variety of running medal displays and race bib display racks that will show off runners’ medals in a pleasing way. Their selection of displays ranges from a basic label of “medals” to inspirational slogans that will help motivate champions and would-be champions alike. The store boasts more than 100 designs, and those who buy 2 or more signs will receive a 10% discount. Orders of $40 or more will be shipped at the flat rate of $12, ensuring that the customer does not have to pay too much to ship these high-quality wooden displays. Running medal displays from are a great way for athletes to proudly display their medals that they have earned through hard work and dedication to the sport.