Why Run Disney?

 If you want to take part in what may be described as the most fun event in history, you might want to consider running Disney. What’s so special about the RunDisney running races?



First, if you chose to run Disney, you’ll be running through the magical kingdom during the race. What other event can distract you from the run like this one can?

You’ll hardly even notice fatigue creeping while runningDisney – you’ll be too caught up in all the sights around you.

Another great reason to Run Disney is because it’ll give you an opportunity to take in all that Disney has to offer. If you’ve never been, there’s no better time to experience it than while running Disney. After the run is over, you can relax and enjoy all that the theme park has to offer.

Princess Merchandise

Another great reason to run Disney is because of all the beautiful merchandise you can purchase that refer to be a princess... You’ll have plenty of merchandise souvenir options that will help you remember this special time in your life.

From T-shirts to medal hangers to big hangers, the merchandise options are endless. 

...And She ran happilly medal holder hanger

Ideal Climate

The great thing about running Disney is that it takes place in a climate that most find ideal for running. It’s not too hot, but at the same time, definitely not cold.

The race will take place during the early morning hours, so as you run Disney, you can be sure your comfort is a top priority.

Forget the glass slipper princess running shoes tank top shirt

Family Oriented

Finally, this is one race that your kids can take part in as well. If you are keen on running Disney, you can enter your kids in the kids event provided they’re young runners at heart, so the whole family can get involved in training for this event.

This is a great way to promote physical activity in your kids, while helping them have fun at the same time.
So give some thought and consideration to running Disney. It’s a fantastic race that comes with plenty of memorable merchandise that you can purchase to celebrate your finish.