4 Reasons To Join In An Ugly Sweater Run

With the holidays now approaching, you may be looking for a little extra motivational boost to get your running in. Fortunately, with an ugly sweater run, it’s easy.

An ugly sweater run offers you the opportunity to look forward to each run you do as you train for a virtual race with medal.

Need a few more reasons to join in an ugly sweater run? Let’s look at four reasons why this is a race you’ll want to take part in.

It’s A Fun 5k Run

First, the ugly sweater run is designed to be a fun run, so it may bring back some joy to your running again. If you’ve felt like running has been more of a chore as of late, your mindset will be quickly transformed by this run.

It’ll Help Burn Off Christmas Calories

It’s no secret: holiday goodies pack tons of calories and most people do experience weight gain over the holidays. The ugly sweater run will help keep you active – burning off those calories as you go about each run you perform.

This can help ensure that once the holidays are over, you still have your pre-holiday weight in tract.

It’ll Get You In The Active Mindset

It’s important to maintain a healthy and fit mindset as you go about the holidays and the ugly sweater run can help out with this. This fun run will keep you focused on your running and help ensure that you are carving out the time each day to get your running in.

It’ll Help Improve Your Running Times

Finally, because this is a fun run and has a relaxed attitude about it, you might just find that it helps to improve your running times. Those doing the ugly sweater run often perform better than when under high pressure running situations, so this could in fact transform you into a better runner.

So don’t discount the benefits of the ugly sweater run. It’s one race you’ll want to be doing this year.

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