What To Look For In A Running Skort

If you’re in the marketing for a running skirt or skort as you might call it, you need to consider a number of key features when you go about your shopping. Whether you are buying a running skirt for yourself or you are looking for runners gift options, it pays to invest in one that’s of good quality.

So what should you look for when searching for a running skort? Let’s take a closer look at the main points of consideration. 

The Material

First, consider the material the running skirt is made from. (we love their new denim one!) Is it going to wick moisture off the body and away from the skin? The last thing you want is a wet skirt sticking to your legs as you go about your run.

The material in our running skort is made to keep you feeling dry and comfortable at all times. No matter how much the heat is turned up when you’re running, you can rest assured this skirt will keep moisture at bay. 

But it also needs to be pretty...we love new fashion pattern!

The Style

Next, consider the style. Is the skirt stylish and does it allow for a full range of movement? You never want any running clothing you use to be restrictive, so be sure to look for this important point when considering any running skirt option.

The skirt should ideally have a fit that will cover your butt at all cost :) and that will also allow freedom of movement with both legs.

In addition to that, it should have PLENTY of pockets for keys, gel, music...

The Comfort

Next, consider comfort. Is the running skirt going to be comfortable to wear? Does it sit will on the body and offer plenty of support throughout the waist and the legs?

Their running skirts come complete with shorties that are made to sit high up on the leg to keep you comfortable but yet still provide your legs with all the support they need.

This way, you’ll hardly know you’re wearing a running skirt, but rather, feel like you’re wearing the most comfortable pear of running shorts you’ve ever tried on.

The high waist is snugly and awesome. keep the muffin top in, give a slimming fit and make you feel supported on the lower abs while running!

If you take these factors into consideration, you should not feel guilty to spend some $$ on the perfect running skirt that meets your needs. Shop right now at