What To Look For In A Swimming Ribbon Holder

Looking for a swimming ribbon holder? If you or someone you love participates in swimming, it won’t be long before they are racking up the medals from various events they attend. Where will they or you keep them? A swimming ribbon holder is the perfect solution.

So what should you look for when shopping for a swimming ribbon holder? Here are the main points to check off your list.
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Durable Design

First, make sure that the swimming ribbon holder has a very durable design. It should be built from solid materials, not plastic or particle board. As more weight is added to the swimming ribbon holder, it needs to stand up to this and not start falling apart.

Remember, you want to display these medals for years and a cheap swimming ribbon holder is not going to allow you to do so.

Customizable Options

Each and every athlete is unique so you should look for a swimming ribbon holder that allows one to showcase their personality. Look for ones that come in a wide variety of different colors and that even offer the opportunity to customize it with your own favorite saying.

This way, each and every time you or your loved one looks at their swimming ribbon holder, they’ll feel proud of the display they have essentially created. 

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Plenty Of Pegs

Finally, also make sure that whatever swimming medal holder you purchase, you get one that comes with plenty of pegs for you to hang your medals on. This is the biggest mistake that people make – lack of pegs for storage.

While you can stack medals on the same peg fine at the beginning, get four or more medals on there and you’ll run into problems.

More pegs will keep your medals organized and showcased the best.

So keep these three points in mind when shopping for swimming medal holders. Check out the best of the best at With an endless array of options, you’ll be sure to find one that will be perfect for you.