I have been running for many years,and with a different approach to running in different times of my life. For years I run without participating in races. About 10 years ago I start to race. More than 30, 35, marathons, half marathons and few ultras together,and hopefully this is only the beginning.
I want to share my love for running and my experiences through the years. I don't consider my self an expert because I believe their is always more to learn. I simply truly loves and believe in running,in exercise,in healthy life, in healthy food, in everything that brings us closer to what we really are: In everything that helps you be who your meant to be, for our selves,and for the others around us.
And this is what running does. Brings you closer to your body,to your spirit,to your self,in a way that there is no more clear separation between the one and the other.
Yes, You are right. This sounds spiritual.Because it is. And all I want to tell you is, that if we don't see it like that,we are robing our self of something that is undeniably valuable.
We deny our self the joy that comes,when we accept the true meaning of our every action,every though and every desire cconsciously. And this is not so easy, or sometimes is harder than it should be. Conscious running, is something that not too many can claim. For sure I am not one of them,besides a few glimpses, here and there.
But it is precisely these glimpses,these moments that can lead us,to the real medals,the real PR's.And not just for one day,or one year,but for as long as our souls and body's needs it.
If we share those experiences,if we stay honestly aware of the reason we run,the way we run,when we run,why we run, we will receive and share a feedback that can guide us
to a true and healthy direction. It can guide us to a true meaning to the reason we run. ...And if we don't know why, something is wrong. If we think we know,..still something is wrong.
I believe we constantly have to find out because we constantly grow .
I still want to find out,why I run,why every day I love to run.
One of my priority is to do it the right way. A healthy way for my body,for my mind,for my whole life,for my soul.
We will never see anything clear or healthy if we try to see it and do it through our ego. We will run and run in circles and it will never be enough.It will always stays empty,
even when it should be full.No accomplishments and no medals will ever be enough.
And this is why this magazine is not for the ones who keep thinking about their time,about how many people running in front of them or behind them.
It is for the ones who just love running,beyond times,beyond records,beyond bragging rights,beyond competitions for who can be skinnier.
This magazine have a much more personal and individual approach it is created for those who love, respect and softly challenges their own boundary.
It is for the ones who thank God and their body for giving them the gift of physical exercise. It is for the ones seeking wholeness in everything they do, specially running.
This is what running is for me...and this is what I want to share.