I would like to have the opportunity to work and run with you.

If  you want a  partner and a coach, I  give you my word, that it will be really personal and adjust to your specifique needs.

I will share with you all that I have experience and learn about running. I will hear and follow all your
individual needs and feedback constantly.

We will keep in touch any way you prefer, email, phone, skype,or in person if possible.

 I am not doing this to be rich or to make a name of my self. I do this because I love running
and I believe many would love running if they would follow the right steps, with the right training
programs and the right philosophy.

All personal goals are achievable: for beginners and for the experience runners or from 5k to your first marathon.  If your goal is to loose weight, or if you just want to be and feel at your best all is possible with the right training program. All can be done,while staying healthy and having fun with what you are doing, regardless of your current fitness level.

After purchasing your personal running program I will send you a little questionaire in order to get all the informations I need to make a monthly personal training schedule just for you.

After a month, if you feel that our communication for your running program and training was not personal enough, you can simply ask  me to reimburse you.

Alex Anastasiadis
RRCA Certified Running Coach